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Petit Chat Crystalline

The Crystallite is a nice pair of jewelery from Petit Chat for the Inspiration September event and these are really cute earrings and necklace which comes in a really nice little globes!

These are the default pink when you first put them on, but like all jewelery, you will really need to see them up close to appreciate them!

The earrings are really stunning with the nice rainbow refraction of the light and the little globes are just too cute to be ignored! 

And this is... The same earring, but with a little adjustment to the color. But notice that yellow glow? Kitty did not touch that, all that magic is done by the light itself!

The necklace is similarly beautiful with a customizable strap and the same cutie globe in the center of it chained with a ring!  
The Necklace comes with a nice HUD where you can customized various parts of it. Kitty will not spoil your fun playing around with the dreaming lighting on your own!

Similarly, there is a HUD for the earrings too and with enough options to make a handful of combinations possible. Did you notice that even the HUD is transparent like the crystal ball?

Get these jewelery at the Inspiration September event:

Bare Rose Flor De Oro

The Flor De Oro is a release in September in Bare Rose which is everything heavenly with nice laces like wings and lots of golden shiny ornaments. In fact, it would not be wrong to call this an angelic outfit.

This is how dreamy and beautiful it looks on Kitty and it can too for you too! When put into the right light and mood, this outfit radiates an aura of serenity and vibrancy. Do you get the feeling you have been in heaven now?

A close up of the outfit shows the golden plated sun and vines patterns over a transparent body suit for the top and impressive feathers and laces around the large angelic wings. And who can miss the huge sunshine halo which bright light and laughter even in the darkest of times.

Want to be the special happy angel for someone special, definitely should consider getting the Flor De Oro from Bare Rose Main Store:


Brii Kasandra

Everyone loves a girl in uniform, especially a sexy one! This is exactly what the Kasandra from Brii Underground Wear is! It is an applier in the Risque series and so expect to wear very little for this outfit!

Despite this being a uniform like, it is very sexy and hot! And this hotness comes in 5 colors you can easily choose from the HUD. If appliers is not your thing, you can still choose the regular outfit and put on the colors you love.

If you think the front is sexy, you should check out the back, with the nice little panties and high boots, this is almost indecent, well that is why it is in the Risque series!

Feeling some uniform play today? Grab your own Kasandra at Brii Underground Wear Main Store:

Brii Jadwiga

The Jadwiga is a applier in the Risque series from Brii Underground Wear and you know that mean this is hot and sexy!

The Jadwiga comes in 5 colors and this is the Red version. Because it is an applier, it is very easy to wear it. It is like a suit tailored to your body! Just click the right applier and you got it. In fact, in this out, the only thing you need to actually wear is your shoe. Can you see the edges on this nice lingerie?

 Here is the back view, but in Black. And who feel the temperature is hot? Anyway, Jadwiga support Slink, Omega and so vis Omega, it support Maitreya too, which is what Kitty is wearing now!

The shoes are made for Slink High and they are really cute and comes in 5 colors too! Notice how the cute ribbon really makes this pair of shoe really attractive!

Get your own Jadwiga at Brii Underground Wear today:


Brii Kaolin Red

Kaolin is a warrior like Post Apocalypse style complete outfit from Brii Underground Wear. Kitty is going to try out the Red version today!

This mesh outfit fits nicely onto the Maitreya body which Kitty is wearing now and there is even an applier for you to put on the stockings etc. So it is really easy. 

This close up let you see the details of the chains and studs on the battle skirts and top. You may also notice how detail the collar is too. A definite recommendation for those who love battle dress like this. It may be post apocalypse, but when a girl need to fight, she knows Kaolin is the right outfit for it!

Get your own Kaolin at Brii Main Store:

Brii Kairos Black

Kairos is a new Rock style outfit from Brii Underground Wear which feature a short skirt with a leather jacket and it is of course available in Black.

The outfit feel really nice with the leather texture and it comes with jewelery and boots too. But since they are separate items you are free to have them on separately too. 

Not only is the front of the jacket really cool, so is the back. In fact, this outfit is almost like a Super Heroine uniform, like that which Blackwidow worn. Do you think Kitty would make a good Super Heroine in this outfit?

Get your own Kairos Black or check out the 2 other colors at Brii Main Store:

Brii Karen Blue

Karen is a new Mesh outfit release from Brii Underground Wear which feature a nice cooling dress with lots of flowers on the headband and sandals.

Karen comes in 3 color and Kitty is showing you the Blue color here. Do you agree it feels like you are in Hawaii? 

Karen seems like a nice relaxing dress to be in, although it consist mainly of very few pieces, but it works for Mesh body including Maitreya and Slink.

Here you have a view of the back view and you can see even the blue ribbon on Kitty's back is in good detail because it is Mesh. A close up of the texture on the dress here let you see the flowery patterns easily.

Grab your Karen today at Brii Underground Wear today:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.

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