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LR Kraken Fan

The Kraken Fan is the latest release from LR Weapons and it is not just some casual fan for cooling down, it is also a deadly weapon which can inflict dagger or slave damage with support for most systems such as DCS, CCS, GM etc 

The default color you will get when you first draw the fan would be Green, but of course there is also a HUD to let you make changes. While Green might not suit what Kitty is wearing now, it is the perfect color for say... a Lovecraftian theme and maybe thus the name Kraken.

The HUD allows you to change not just the color of the fan, but the wooden parts as well and can you guess what is Kitty's favorite?

Ta-Da, This is Kitty's combination. But of course it doesn't cost any extra to own Kraken of different color, all you need to do is to wear the HUD and you can change it as if you own many fans! Of course, you can hide or totally detach the HUD when you do not need it at all.

The fan is always Kitty's favorite assassin weapon, especially in a Kimono. The Katana would be lethal but too obvious. Can you see where Kitty hies the fan when its sheath? 

Here is a close up if you missed it. And you even get both Left and Right fan. Of course, the left one is only as a shield if the sim permits.

So, here is the good news. LR is featuring this weapon at the We Love Roleplay event at:

And you get 25% off the retail price now. But you better hurry!

Petit Chat My Leather Briefcase

The Briefcase is something we cannot live without sometimes and it is about time somebody made one in SL. Petit Chat's My Briefcase comes not just in Black, but a variety of colors of fantasy!

Let's start with the Black. Although is does not seems perfect for the Kimono, Kitty is trying to assure you that it is of good build and even the snowy weather is not an issue! 

No collection is complete without the Red and it seems that the Red Leather Briefcase does goes pretty well with Kitty's Kimono. 

There are quite a few more colors and Kitty will show you one more which is the Dark Blue and you can see it is well suited for many many outfit because of its dark and neutral color. 

This item is now exclusive to the Marvelous Monthly event at:

Grab it before everyone else!


En Nagare Zakura

Nagare Zakura is a kimono from En, which is only available on Marketplace now. Although this is not a new Kimono, but at $100L, it is one of the best kimono you can get for this winter!

Nagare Zakura literally means sakura flower of the flowing water and it has just that flowy texture all over the multiple layers on the kimono. It even comes with a set of hair as shown in the poster for you if you want to use it. So that is almost like getting a hair plus the kimono for the same price! Kitty do love the hair accessory though and it does looks perfect even on her natural hair.

The back of the kimono has a huge magenta ribbon on it and you can see the multiple layers of the kimono lower skirt even clearly on the back. IF you had notice, there is also a nice fur stall (fake fur I hope) on the front so you can tell that this is the perfect kimono for the cold winter.

Get the pink Nagare Zakura or check out other colors as well from En on marketplace:

Merry Christmas KittyCatS & Friends 2016

The famous KittyCatS and Friends Merry Christmas Advent Calendar is back and yes, you CAN get those gift you missed, but please click yes for all of it because there is no second chance! And some of the days, you actually get more than 1 gift!

Are you one of Kitty's friend?

Petit Chat Sunset Dress

The Sunset from Petit Chat isn't a new product, but because Kitty missed it when it was available at an event, so Kitty is going to show you today.

The Sunset is a simple 1 piece dress with 1 piece alpha, so its like the fastest thing you can put on and just go onto the walkway! 

The Silky texture of the Sunset is of course not just for sunset. Look at how well it is even at a sunrise!

It comes in a huge collection of colors so make sure you find the right one for yourself. For Kitty, Black is always welcome.

Sunset is however one of the best time for this dress as it looks really fabulous under the right light.

There are even a nice greenish color for those of you who love the natural look of it. And it does look very natural even on its own.

There is always a magic about the reddish look and the setting sun and the Sunset dress brings that magic out perfectly.

Like to have a little island adventure with Kitty? Now it's time!

Get your Sunset Dress at Petit Chat Main Store:


Swayland Advent Calendar Hunt 2016

Swayland is givine some great Christmas gift away but one at a time daily on a Advent Calendar! All you need to do is to go grab the HUD, and yes, Kitty did say this is a treasure hunt, so you will need to find those golden baubles to fill up yout HUD like this.

If you got the right ball and find the right present on the pile in the center, you will get that prize for that day! Otherwise you can buy those you missed for $75L as well on the wall.

Come start today, you have already missed 2 of it (and Kitty too :():

Brii Merry Christmas Hunt

Brii Underground Wear is having a month of Merry Christmas Hunt and there are not 1, but 2 male wears this time! So there is plenty even for guys!

There is no reason not to have a new outfit for Christmas, all you need is $1 per prize at:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.

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